Goal 9: Communications and Outreach

Create a joint communications and outreach program, including developing a website to serve as an information portal for residents, local businesses, developers, nonprofit community organizations, and other stakeholders.

  1. Develop a media strategy and a means to evaluate its effectiveness and refine as needed. (Ongoing)
  2. Use the Forward Pinellas Board to guide the countywide communications and outreach strategy. (Ongoing)
  3. Organize a coordinated communications team to promote centralized, consistent messaging. (1-3 years)
  4. Maintain a centralized website. (Ongoing)
  5. Using storytelling, videos and interviews, document and communicate positive outcomes and success stories that were influenced by the Housing Compact. (Ongoing)
  6. Develop presentation materials for the Housing Compact and Housing Action Plan tailored for a variety of stakeholders (businesses, nonprofits, community groups, etc.) (1-3 years)
  7. Hold a biennial Countywide Housing Summit to provide updates on Housing Compact initiatives and offer opportunities for stakeholder collaboration. (Ongoing)
  8. Encourage broad local government participation in the communications team to help amplify its messaging. (Ongoing)
  9. Provide up-to-date information for the portal (e.g., contact info, list of surplus parcels available for affordable housing development, link to affordable housing regulations). (Ongoing)
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