Get Help with Affordable Housing

If you’re struggling to pay your rent or find an affordable place to live, you are not alone. Although there is unprecedented demand for housing and benefits, you may still qualify for assistance from a variety of programs.

Pinellas County has also passed a Tenants Bill of Rights, which prohibits discrimination against tenants who pay rent with public housing vouchers and requires advanced notice of late fees and rent increases of more than 5%. Learn more.

Ways you can get help

If you are seeking affordable rentals…

Search for Rentals: View available rentals by zip code, including affordable, income-restricted units, at

Public Housing: The public housing authority pays the difference between what a tenant can afford and the fair market rent for the housing unit. Note: Local public housing authorities typically have had long waiting lists. For more information, please contact Pinellas County Community Development at 727-464-8210.

Landlord/Tenant Information: Learn more about the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords in the State of Florida here.


If you are facing eviction…

Facing eviction now? Know your rights – Read Gulf Coast Legal Services’ Tenant Rights guide.

If you are a Homeowner/Homebuyer

More help with housing 

For a full list of local housing resources and information on your rights as a renter, visit