Goal 7: Implementation Framework

Create an Affordable Housing Action Plan to serve as a common, coordinated framework for addressing affordable housing needs while respecting the autonomy of each local jurisdiction.

  1. Produce a summary Action Plan document that outlines the agreed to actions by the Compact Partners. (Ongoing)
  2. Allow full participation and input from each partner. (Ongoing)
  3. Recognize each partner’s contributions to the Compact’s goals. (Ongoing)
  4. Provide participation and input in drafting the Action Plan. (Ongoing)
  5. Commit to implementing the Action Plan as a commitment to countywide goals and as appropriate for the community. (Ongoing)
  6. Utilize the Forward Pinellas Board, whose members represent each of the local jurisdictions, to guide and sustain implementation of the Housing Compact. (Ongoing)

Goal 8: Shared Approach

Develop specific goals to meet housing needs as well as shared terminology and definitions addressing affordable housing.

  1. Establish and monitor numerical targets for yearly market, affordable, and preserved housing units based upon coordinated data and analysis. (Ongoing)
  2. Compact partners and stakeholders will use common regulatory definitions and terminology to reduce hurdles for affordable housing developers. (Ongoing)
  3. Track the creation and preservation of affordable housing within the community and consider setting local targets in coordination with the countywide goal. (Ongoing)
happy couple holding keys to new home