The Development Opportunity

There are a variety of affordable housing programs that are available countywide and others that are available only within specific cities or the unincorporated county. The purpose of this page is to provide information on current countywide programs and links to partner government pages where information can be found on municipal programs.

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Countywide Development Programs

Affordable housing development funds can be used for projects involving acquisition and rehabilitation of existing units, new construction, and land acquisition. Federal funding is available through local governments in Pinellas County from the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development for qualifying projects in the form of Community Development Block Grant and HOME Investment Partnership programs and from the State of Florida in the form of State Housing Initiatives Partnership program funding.

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  • Development assistance for affordable rental housing offered by local governments in Pinellas County – includes deferred payment or reduced interest loans to support acquisition, rehabilitation and new construction of income-restricted units.
  • Development assistance for homebuyers offered by local governments in Pinellas County for affordable housing – deferred payment or reduced interest rate loans that may be used to assist with down payments, closing costs, construction, rehabilitation, and soft costs associated with the development.
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Local Government Programs

For more information about the exact funding options available, contact the Planning, Housing, or Community Development departments at the local government where you are interested in creating affordable housing.

  • Funding and Developer Incentive Programs: The City provides development incentives (e.g., density bonus, parking reductions) and funding for multi- and single-family homes. Funding sources include Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), HOME Investment Partnership, and the State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP).
  • To learn more about funding or incentives available for Affordable and Workforce housing projects or for market rate projects targeting the City’s middle- to lower-income residents, contact Chuck Lane at 727-562-4023.
  • Housing Infill Program (HIP): Promotes urban infill residential development by providing funding toward the hard construction and land costs of new housing.
  • Affordable Housing Redevelopment Incentives: Incentives include density bonuses, alternative development standards (Transfer of Development Rights, Zero Lot Lines, etc.), expedited permitting, and project financing. For developers looking to complete an application or for questions, call 727-586-7489 Ext. 7212 or email
  • The Community Development Department provides City services such as: administration of city’s land development codes and ordinances; building/site plan review; and providing general assistance, recommendations, and information in the development process. For more information, contact Pinellas Park Community Development at 727-369-5840.

For information regarding development incentives within St Petersburg, please contact the St Petersburg Housing & Community Development Department at: or call 727-893-7247. For information regarding development loan opportunities within the South St Petersburg CRA, please contact or 727-892-5210.

  • For an application for Affordable Housing Funding, contact the Affordable Housing Section at 727-464-8247.